Features of ideal towing signs

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If you are the owner of a property such as shopping center, apartment complex, business facility, office building or condominium community, you need to have proper towing signs in place to ensure that your parking lot is free from any abandoned vehicle. Apart from this, two signs also minimize any illegal parking and make the people aware about the ground rules of your parking area.

To ensure that the towing sign of your property is effective, it must have all the features of an ideal sign. Before getting a tow signs designed for your property, you need to ensure that it is compliance with the basic safety standards. Below are some of the important features of an ideal towing signs.

  • Simple and Legible:  In order to have an effective tow sign for your property, make sure that it is simple and legible. The massage written on the sign must be clear, bold and readable from a distance so that the drivers can easily read it. Also ensure that the text and graphics of the sign is balanced and rightly express your message to the readers.
  • Visibility: In order to be highly effective, the signs must be clearly visible from a distance even in the dark. Ensure that the sign is made of highly reflective material so that the drivers can notice it from a distance.  You can easily get a sign made of heavy-duty aluminum and high grade reflective signs so that it sends a clear message to the drivers and last for long years.
  • Material used: An ideal towing sign must be made of heavy-duty aluminum which should be covered in retroreflective sheeting. The sheeting ensures the nighttime visibility of the signs and they can be illuminated even with a small amount of light. These signs are highly durable in nature and last for over a decade. 
  •  Highly reflective signs offer a lot of convenience to the people as they are highly visible even in the dark.
  • Towing law sign: The towing law signs vary from state to state so it’s important to ensure that your sign meet the laws governed by your state.

You can easily get a tow sign designed as per your needs.  All you need to do is find an online company that offers an extensive range of towing signs.  You can also customize the signs as per your specific requirements to include the color, size, font, text and symbols of your choice. So, get these signs now and keep your parking lot free from any abandoned vehicles.

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Features of ideal towing signs

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Features of ideal towing signs

This article was published on 2013/05/29