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Though pain and fatigue signs are the most common, symptoms of fibromyalgia can vary across the entire physical and mental field. There are a lot of them in fact , that it takes a medical practitioner a long time to recognize fibromyalgia as a potential cause in many cases. Various tests are carried out, but when there is no results of damage or inflammation, some doctors may tend to view the patient as suspect, a hypochondriac, based on their signs, symptoms of fibromyalgia being difficult to prove. These days, it is far more likely that the condition will be detected, despite the fact that two or three decades has gone by since it was initially recognized by the American Medical Association.


Often the legs or lower back muscles and joints will be those to suffer most from pain, weakness, or stiffness, but this is not always the case. Some sufferers may experience severe headaches, stabbing chest or joint pains, a general flu-like malaise, or a general dull all over ache as one of their signs. Symptoms of fibromyalgia may also include jaw pain, which is quite common and occurs in around a quarter of patients diagnosed with the disorder. For those experiencing stiffness, it tends to be at its worst in the early morning, suggesting that gentle exercise and movement may temporarily alleviate the problem, or at least lessen this complain from amongst the many signs; symptoms of fibromyalgia therefore being reduced.


Basic exhaustion and difficulty with sleeping are also amongst the most common signs. Symptoms of fibromyalgia often include both mental and physical fatigue, the lack of energy, and the feeling that the head, arms or legs are tied to something extremely heavy and cumbersome. Sleeping difficulties can often make these problems greater. Although many sufferers may have little difficulty in obtaining sleep, it is quite possible to wake without feeling refreshed due to the problems within the sleep of it not being deep enough. Other sufferers may additionally have trouble obtaining enough sleep. Sleep apnea, bruxism, restless leg syndrome and other problems that generally arise from within sleep are also possibilities.


Depression, anxiety, mood changing and other mental afflictions may result due to the problems with sleep, the chronic condition of fibromyalgia, or appear simply as included signs. Symptoms of fibromyalgia include these troublesome problems along with similar difficulties such as memory loss, struggles with memory retention - especially with names and numbers, and poor concentration. Many doctors currently prescribe methods for obtaining better sleep prior to treating the depression or anxiety, although it is possible to be given a prescription for Diazepam or an antidepressant if the troubles are particularly severe and seem likely to continue without dependence upon sleep.


Referral to a psychiatrist or psychologist may also be among the treatments issued by a doctor, if they consider the problem more than a temporary and minor difficulty. Meditation can also sometimes assist with easing the mental afflictions of the syndrome.


Irritable bowel syndrome is another of the frequent signs; symptoms of fibromyalgia can include constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain and gas, and acid reflux. Sometimes, a misdiagnosis can be made attributing the cause of the digestive problems to irritable bowel syndrome alone. If you have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome but seem to have other fibromyalgia indications, you may wish to check back with your doctor to ascertain the possibility of suffering a more complex disease. It can be one from among the many signs, symptoms of fibromyalgia being so variable. Among the less frequent signs that you may show are nausea, skin sensitivity, morning stiffness, painful menstruation and numbness of feet or hands.


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Fibromyalgia - Signs & Symptoms

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This article was published on 2010/05/17