Give Me A 'V' for Vinyl Lettering On Aluminum Signs!

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Or any letter, for that matter! You are bound by no limits when you design a custom aluminum sign in any of our aluminum-based materials. Shapes, colors, numbers - you name it, and we can create it from vinyl and then apply the vinyl directly onto your aluminum sign for a smooth, professional appearance.

How Does Vinyl Lettering Look On Aluminum Signs?

You tell us! Every time you pass a road or directional sign, guess what? You're looking at self-adhesive vinyl lettering placed on an aluminum sign. It is strong enough to remain intact in all environmental conditions and you can even get a reflective vinyl that allows it to be seen after the sun goes down.

And because aluminum signs can be expected to last for at least ten years, you want your graphics to last for the duration, too. We are happy to offer our High Performance vinyl graphics, a durable adhesive vinyl that can withstand extreme weather conditions on your aluminum sign for seven to ten years. However, if you desire something a little less expensive and don't need the graphics to last quite that long, we also have Intermediate vinyl lettering, which carries a rating of three to five years.

Why Choose Vinyl Lettering On My Aluminum Sign?

Notice the word 'choose' in the question above. You do have options when designing the image you will reflect with your custom aluminum metal sign. Vinyl letters are commonly used on aluminum signs that are constructed of aluminum sheeting. These tend to be smaller aluminum signs, such as real estate and other yards signs.

Larger aluminum signs, up to 2' in height x to 4' in width, also come in aluminum sheets of a thicker grade than the smaller, free standing signs. These types of aluminum signs are popular because of the versatility of aluminum in shaping and constructing.

The smaller aluminum signs, such as yard signs, are made of a .04" gauge aluminum, which comes in a variety of factory painted colors. However, these colors are available only in these smaller signs. Therefore, if a customer wants an aluminum sign thicker than the standard .04" gauge aluminum of a real estate-sized sign, then only white is available.

In such a situation, a common choice for customers who want a splash of color on their aluminum signs is to select from an endless variety of colors in our vinyl lettering. It is easy to apply and a cost-effective way of creating a professional, high-quality aluminum sign.

You may also choose to have a background color by having the entire aluminum sheet covered in vinyl, in the color of your choice.

Need An Aluminum Sign That's Even Bigger?

Well, you have some choices there, too! When aluminum sheeting is too thin to get the job done, but the indestructible material of aluminum is necessary for the custom sign you need, then we offer the biggest and best in the business.

ARMOUR-Wood has a strong, wooden frame, yet is sided with non-rusting aluminum. ARMOUR-Wood signs are great for large signs with long-term outdoor exposure.

Alumalite is an aluminum composite material that is also very sturdy - in fact, it is nearly as strong as ARMOUR-Wood! It is a highly popular choice and comes in two grades of thickness: 1/2",  and 1/4".

Dibond is another durable, aluminum-based material that is strong yet flexible. Though it is thin, it has ten times the strength as aluminum sheeting.

When designing the graphics and colors for these high-performance, large aluminum signs, all you have to do is make a selection, because the factory offers an extensive variety of colors.

These aluminum-based signs are not only the strongest on the market, but their factory finish looks smooth and professional, making it often the most cost-effective and longest lasting choice in aluminum signs.

How Can My Vinyl Lettering Look As Glossy As Factory Finish?

Ordering an aluminum sign of rigid, aluminum-based material may just be overkill for the type of sign you need. Yet, you want it to have the same corporate quality looks as the larger, factory-finished signs.

You've already seen how professional vinyl lettering can look on an aluminum road sign. Now imagine that you need a small sign of .063" gauge aluminum in a color other than factory white. Painting such a small sign would not be very efficient or cost-effective, and neither would ordering another grade of aluminum material. Therefore, the smartest and most attractive option would be to just cover the sheet with the color vinyl you want - guaranteed to look just as good!

So, when it comes to aluminum signs, you have many choices when it comes to a professional appearance. But if a small aluminum sign is all you need, then vinyl lettering is definitely something to cheer about!

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Give Me A 'V' for Vinyl Lettering On Aluminum Signs!

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This article was published on 2010/09/11