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Back-lit or back-light signs help give signs a longer time to be seen by the public. These varieties of signs allow the message to be seen even in the darkness of night. They are also found inside to help draw attention to the message or a particular location, such as a food stand.

These signs can be full color or just present a few colors. It is a strong type of sign that can be used outside and create vibrant colors. The faces of back-light signs are made of materials that do well outside, even the inside signs are made with this material because it presents a vivid sign that is protected from the elements. It is also made of materials, such as plastic, because they are long lasting. They are designed not to fade or lose their color in any other way, including chipping away for some reason. Outdoor signs can be found used as monument signs that are low to the ground, raised signs to be seen from further distances and building signs allowing the lettering to be attached to a building faade. Back-lit signs can be developed into a variety of designs and colors as well.

Frame Back Lit Sign

It has a variety of thin sign faces with an aluminum frame allowing sign faces to be easily inserted into the frame. Not all have and interchangeable ability thought. It has an expensive look for an inexpensive price. These particular signs are for indoor display only. Frame back lit signs come in a variety of sizes and depths including 2x9 to 42x52.

Rotating Back Lit Sign

This can be made into a variety of shapes such as being round or triangle. The rotating machine is strong and uses a fluorescent light to light the sign. It is often used for logos and can be designed to be double sided. It even has the capability of changing the sign faces. It can easily be placed on the ceiling, wall or counter. They are made to use inside. If it is a triangle rotating back light sign it has three sign face areas and these come in different sizes, including 16x16, 12x8.5x11.5, 24x8.5x24 and 36x8.5x24. These signs are also available as vertical or horizontal displays.

Tower Back Lit Sign

These signs come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. They are easy to move from place to place and are lightweight. They can be curved or stackable, for example with double-sided sign faces. A tower back light sign can rotate, hang or be stationary. Sizes include 18x72, 13x59 and 22x28, as examples because it just depends on the style when it comes to size. Also these signs can be displayed horizontally or vertically. They are designed to display a vivid lit-up sign display.

Some tower back light signs are used in freestanding signs and kiosks. Another option is stackable tower items that can be formed into a kiosk or into forms that are eye catching. Some of the stackable tower back light signs can be as tall as 120 inches. Back light signs are just one example of the type of signs available. It is an example of how many different signs can be in one style of sign.

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Order Unique And Different Signs

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This article was published on 2010/10/10