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Signs and symbols have been part of human culture since the ancient times. Sign is a correlation between itself and its target audience. Many times we see instructional signs on the way and streets, sometimes shown outside the buildings pointing toward a particular store or café.

Including signs and signage in your banner designs you can reduce amount of text. An instructional and attractive sign can replace so many words. Signs and signage is visually great, explanatory enough and are efficient in communicating your message out in the public.

Using signs and signage in banners
If you have lots of elements to add in your banner advertising, you can replace some of textual parts by using effective signs. Draw attention of audience to your business; promote events,
products and services by displaying signs in banners. Use most extensive and special signs in
your banner to convey your message effectively out in the masses. There is a huge variety of
signs available that you can accomplish in your banner design. From information, sale, traffic,
fire, caution, warning, business signs, constructions signs and much more.

You can design and develop your own signs to compliment your banners. For instance, if you are designing a welcome banner, you can place attractive and colorful images and concise welcome message. Welcome banner is a great way to welcome your dear ones at a conference or even a at party.

Customizing signs and banner design

When you are designing a custom banner, be careful while selecting images/graphics, text,
background and foreground colors. Use apparent and effective signs. You can pick appropriate
signs to complete your banner design. Be careful while you select color of your signs, it should be visible from far. Avoid using relatively small signs.

Background and foreground color should match up your banner theme. Use big fonts for banner
text and use contrast colors for banner’s background and text. There are many online printing
companies that allow you to upload your own designs for banner printing. Prisma Banners is
one of the leading printing firms that specialize in custom vinyl banners, vinyl decals and posters.

You can upload your own banner design including, image, graphics, signs and text. Additionally
Prisma Banners provide you designing software to design your banner online, or you can hire an expert designer to design banners and signs. You can also select size of banner and thickness of material. Prisma Banners ensures you get the most attractive and striking banners. For more details you can visit

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Signs and Banner Printing

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This article was published on 2011/10/28