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Streets signs' refers to signs put up on street sides for indicating street names, road signs, traffic signs, parking prohibitions, directions, maps, and other information. Street signs are put up on elevated spots so that they are clearly visible. Individuals also require street signs to put up personal advertisements or name and address of their house for easy location by the mail delivery personnel. However, putting up personal signs requires permission from the government authority prior to its installation.

They are available in various materials such as metal, wood, aluminum and other such materials. Traditionally, materials such as wood was used to make sign boards for street signs. These days, street signs are made out of metals. There are engineer-grade reflective street signs and signboards made of .08-inch thick aluminum, which are fairly popular. These signs usually do not rust, and normally have an average life span of 7 years or more. They are ordered by the State and Federal D.O.T. specifications and are very commonly used by cities nationwide. It is important to use the specific hardware designed especially for flat street name signs.

There are non-reflective street signs, which prove to be more economical but are effective only during daytime. They are sprayed with polyester powder, which is coated with paint and then are parched on. These signs are resistant to rust. The text is lettered with high performance vinyl. These signs are considered the best options where reflectivity is not required. They can be easily installed on round, square or "U" channel posts. Street signs also require special brackets that are easily found in hardware stores.

Many websites provide individuals information relating to the different street signs. Individuals as well as businesses can opt to buy these signs as per requirements. It is highly advised to buyers that they preserve the proof of the purchase to confirm its legality. Individuals can also order for these street signs online.

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Street Signs

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This article was published on 2010/10/14